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We have made Splasher, Tinykin, and now working on our new game !

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Currently under development



Tinykin is an innovative 3D puzzle platformer where you play as an astronaut named Milo. Milo arrives on Earth only to find out that he's way too small, everybody's gone and a day hasn't passed since 1991! Team up with the mysterious tinykin and use their unique powers to create ladders, bridges, explosions and eventually return home!

Available on Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X Series


Splasher is a fun and challenging 2D Platformer filled with humor and surprises. Armed with a paint cannon, you’ll face the dangers of the Inkorp mega-factory in order to save your companions, the Splashers, and put an end to the Machiavellian projects of the evil boss, Le Docteur.

Available on Switch, PC, Mac, PS4 & Xbox

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